Rules on Rest Periods

Participants in Singlehanded SR are entitled to maximum 4 consecutive hours of pit stop per sailed 24 hours (incl. rest time). The boat must lie still/be moored at either anchor, a DS (Danish Sailing Association) tour buoy or a berth in order for the time to be deducted from the sailing time.

The combined rest time will be deducted from the total sailing time.
It is permitted to use the engine at arrival and departure within 100m from the anchor position, port or tour buoy.
Mooring and sailing time and rest position must be recorded in the logbook.
An anchor ball (or anchor light) must be set when anchoring and anchoring must not take place in coastal traffic areas or other congested areas.

It is recommended to use anchor watch if available e.g. in the GPS/nav system.

It will be checked via the Trac-Trac that time is respected.
Lost Trac-Trac will be regarded as violation of the Notice of Race.

Please contact the racing bureau periodically on telephone +45 26548494, when the situation allows.